Privacy Policy

Personal information What is it?

Personal data* means “information about an individual which enables that individual to be identified. whether directly or indirectly But it does not include information about specific deceased persons.”

Personal information we collect

We will collect the following personal information

  1. [Identifying information such as name, address, contact location, telephone number, email]
  2. [Information xxx]
  3. [Information yyy]
  4. […]

Source of personal data

We may receive your personal information from 2 channels as follows.

  1. 1. We receive personal information directly from you. We will collect your personal information from the service process as follows.
    1. Steps to apply for services with us. or the process of submitting requests to exercise various rights with us
    2. Of your free will. in conducting surveys or responding via email or other communication channels Between us and you
    3. Collected information from your use of our website through your browser’s cookies
    4. […]
  2. We receive your personal information from the following third parties.
    1. [Third Party Disclosing Information]
    2. […]
  3. By receiving information by the following methods.
    1. [Methods such as receiving via email, receiving notification by telephone. received as a document]
    2. […]

Purpose of data processing

  1. [We store your personal information for….]
  2. [We store your personal information for….]

Processing of personal data

When receiving personal information from the source of personal information. We will do the following with your personal information.

  • Collect [Processing details]
  • Use [Processing details]
  • Reveal [Details of processing] In this regard, the persons and agencies to which we may disclose your personal information are: as follows

[List or type (as detailed as possible) of persons that may receive personal information from you] 

In addition, We may need to send your personal information to a credit bureau for verification, and the results of the verification may be used. Such to prevent fraud.

We may need to transfer your personal information to an organization. Foreign or international organizations

Country The list is as follows.


The agency has adequate measures to protect personal information (appropriate safe).

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Privacy Preferences

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